Project Description

Christmas Entertainment | The Bad Santas

These breakdancing Santas have done their rapping and it’s time to get f-f-f-festive. This is perfect Christmas entertainment because it’s not cheesy or patronising. It’s genuinely funny, for all ages.

These two get down to the hottest Christmas tracks. Do they know it’s Christmas? You bet! The Bad Santas is a Christmas entertainment walkabout with a pumping sound track, spectacularly dreadful breakdancing, their own mobile dance floor and wonderful Christmast comedy. The Bad Santas bring Father Christmas into the 21st Century in style. This is Christmas entertainment for town centres, corporate parties, xmas parties and all things Chrtismas.

Venues suitable for the Bad Santas Christmas entertainment

We have performed in venues deep in snow and blazing sunshine from town centres to International street theatre festivals.

The Bad Santas can perform in streets, town centres, parks, christmas lights switch on's and any indoor event.

It's obviously perfect for Christmas events.

Size of event for the Bad Santas Christmas entertainment

This show is very very funny. It can be very intimate or draw large audiences and get them involved. Small parties to big town centre events. It’s best suited to indoor or outdoor events where we can get the lino out and get breakdancing.

Types of Xmas events for the Bad Santas

We can perform in any weather outdoors and indoors basically! Don't be concerned about parking too close or beautful changing rooms, let us deal with that! It's our job to perform in cold conditions and warm people up!

We have performed worldwide at christmas events, xmas parties, xmas lights events, corporate parties and everything in between.

Where can it perform?

We can cover a lot of ground when we perform because this show is so mobile. Don’t be afraid to get us walking and cover some distance for your event. Great for parades.