Project Description

Available as a Duo or Solo Walkabout act. The perfect Christmas image, 7 foot tall Cocky Robins strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage.

Complete with real life bird sounds, these 7 foot tall mobile cocky Robins delight and entertain family audiences. They’re big, they’re very friendly and they like nothing more than talking with your audience in bird song.

They can be seen and heard from afar. Their real life bird song (using those little bird whistle toys you can get!) adds a charming atmosphere to your event. Brilliant for photographs and social media. Forget Twitter, this is the ultimate Tweet.

Teenagers dance with them, children want their pictures with them, Mums and Dads laugh at them, Grannies and Grandads ‘aaaaaaaaaahhh ‘ at them! Christmas just ‘aint the same without a pair of 7 foot tall singing and dancing, photo friendly Robins. Tweet Tweet.

Reckless-robins3Reckless-robins reckless-robin-solo