Project Description

Performers of repute | Turbo Jonez

Coming from one of the UK’s most unique performers, this blazin’ show from Reckless Invention has taken the street theatre scene by storm. It’s a totally unique comedy fusing breakdance, physical comedy, audience participation and 80’s rap. Turbo remixes Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ there is homage to the ‘Hello’ video from Lionel Ritchie and it’s established Tom Bell as one of the UK’s most popular street theatre performers. We’re talking Rock Steady, Grandmaster Flash, MC Hammer and the great Rick Astley. Turbo headspins, beatboxes and scratches his way to the finale, a jaw dropping 1000 watt sneaker fest complete with bling to, wait for it, RUN DMC….WALK THIS WAAAYYYY!

It’s the history of 80’s rap and breakdance. It’s a visual comedy drive-by shooting. It’s an aural bus ride through the linoleum streets of Cardiff, 1985. It is the one, the only, Turbo Jonez.

Venues suitable for Turbo Jonez

We have performed in venues from town centres to International street theatre festivals.

Turbo Jonez can perform in streets, large stages, small theatres, festival stages, town centres, parks, stately homes and anywhere you can get a small trailer onsite.

Size of event for Turbo Jonez

This show has a big impact. It’s best suited to outdoor events where we can build audiences up to 1000.

Types of events for Turbo Jonez

Anywhere we can get onsite really. It only takes 30 mintes to set up and it's best suited to areas where we can really crank up the 1000 watt pa system!

We have performed worldwide at International festivals, music festivals, town centre events and everything in between.

Where can it perform?

On stage, on terra firma, in front of large audiences & colourful events.