Project Description

Stilts Show | The Golfers

This stilts walkabout act from Reckless Invention is no ordinary stilts act. If you look, the costumes and props are all in size perspective so all you see are giant golfers. You don’t see performers on stilts. The facts that we use stilts is kind of irrelevant, the show is about creating a really large spectacle and engaging with audiences using stilts as a platform for us to improvise and create atmosphere. That’s the clever bit. It’s not just about stilts!

Stand aside Jack Nicklaus. Stand aside Seve Ballesteros. If you want golfing advice you go to the biggest in his field and we mean big. It’s the giant golfer and his caddie, both stilts walkers are 9 foot tall. The stilt characters recreate the game of golf on your streets or corporate event. They tee off with a full set of useable giant clubs aiming for the 18th hole. Watch the birdies, bogeys and pars as the squidgy golf balls are whacked into oblivion. This stilt act is also available as fishing or shooting country gents.

Venues suitable for stilts show The Golfers

We have performed in venues short and tall from town centres to International street theatre festivals.

The stilt walkers can perform in streets, town centres, parks, stately homes, fields, sports venues, indoors, corporate venues and anywhere you can get a stilt walker under a 9 foot ceiling!

It's obviously perfect for golf events.

Size of event for stilt walkers The Golfers

This show has a big impact. It’s best suited to indoor or outdoor events where we can be seen from a distance.

Types of events for the golfing stilt walkers

Anywhere with at least 9 feet head room!. Don't be concerned about grass or low doors, let us deal with that! The stilt performers can get on stilts anywhere really as long as it isn't too slippy and steep, like cobbles, that sort of thing!

We have performed worldwide at International festivals, music festivals, town centre events and everything in between.

Where can it perform?

The stilt walkers are best walking around being seen from a distance, interacting with audiences as they go. They add a real spectacle and visual element to an event. They are great at actually playing golf and getting people involved.