Project Description

Victorian events | The Artful Dodger

Perfect for Victorian events, Fagin and Dodge take to the streets in this Dickensian Christmas walkabout. Theatrical and engaging, this duo charm their way into audiences hearts. It’s straight out of Oliver Twist. There is a reason why Dickens is one of our greatest writers and to see these two stilt characters in real life, 9 feet tall, always means they bring life to a Victorian event or Christmas party. Victorian events have popped up everywhere recently and finding an act that doesn’t seem too Victorian contrived is difficult. These stilt walkers are great because of their banter. They are filthy Dickensian characters but they think they are Kings. The Dickensian humour that spews forth is delightful and really animates Victorian events, Christmas events and Dickensian themed festivals.

Venues suitable for the Victorian Stilt Walkers

We have performed in Victorian events and Dickensian events all over the UK. Outdoors or indoors, Christmas entertainment or Literary festivals.

The Victorian stilt walkers can perform in streets, town centres, parks, christmas lights switch on's and any indoor event, Victorian themed or not.

It's obviously perfect for Christmas events & Victorian events.

Size of event for the Dickensian stilt performers

This show is very very funny. Small parties to big town centre events. It’s best suited to indoor or outdoor events where we can be seen by hundreds of people.

Types of Xmas events for the Artful Dodger walkabout act

We can perform in any weather outdoors and indoors basically! Don't be concerned about parking too close or beautful changing rooms, let us deal with that!

It's our job to perform in cold conditions and warm people up!

We have performed worldwide at christmas events, xmas parties, xmas lights events, corporate parties, Victorian events & Dickens festivals.

Where can it perform?

This show is a walkabout act. Outdoors or indoors, corporate events or christmas parades, the Artful Dodger is charming.