Project Description

Walkabout act | The Pedalo

This amphibious walkabout act has been cleverly adapted to take Mfanwy and Gfanwy to places where normal pedalos cannot reach. It’s a two person peddle about with an oceanic theme. Wherever they go they will attempt to impress with their sporting prowess and dreadful stunts. The worse they are the funnier they get. A surreal combination of boating and cycling.

This walkabout act is great for parades, anything ocean themed or cycling themed. It’s perfect for tall ships festivals, maritime museum events, beach and seaside themed events and all things boaty!

Venues suitable for the Pedalo walkabout act

We have performed in venues from outdoor water sculptures in town centres to International street theatre festivals.

The Pedalo can perform in streets, beaches, town centres, fields, festivals and anywhere that the human can walk! The venue is only limited by your amphibious imagination.

Size of event for the Pedalo walkabout act

We can scale the show to perform to groups of individuals as a walkabout or for parades where we can cover long distances.

Types of events for the Pedalo walkabout act

We have performed at product launches, Council events, seaside festivals, maritime museums, tall ships festivals, the Tour De France and everything in between water or cycling related.

We have performed worldwide at International festivals, ocean festivals, town centre events, boat festivals and seaside events.

Where can it perform?

On roads, pavements, fields, in front of large audiences or peddling around, the Pedalo is super adaptable.