Turbo Jones & the Temple of Boom


This is a one person street show and the sequel to the very popular Turbo Jonez. It's probably our flagship UK show. Draws huge crowds and often acts as the centrepiece of an event due to the giant cobra.


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We like this one. We like them all but when we get booked for this we know we can really endulge our acting skills. Dickens was good. Really good. It's a two person seasonal walkabout great for Christmas or Dickensian / Victorian gigs.

Turbo Jonez (The original)


This is a one person static street show capable of drawing very large crowds. It requires no power and no real technical requirements yet it packs the punch of a mid scale street show. Toured Europe for the last 5 years.

Turbo & Dai


This is where it all started over ten years ago. This hit the streets of Brighton festival and our agent immediately signed us there and then. That's how good this walkabout is. Travelled the world and made them laugh. Very mobile, very funny.

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